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Safety Manual. Revised Edition 2010

Revised Edition 2010

Fire Prevention

2.11 Fire Prevention


  • When inflammable products are to be used, workers must be in possession of the strictly necessary amount to carry out the job.
  • Inflammable substances that are not going to be used immediately are to remain in their corresponding storage sites. Before storing containers of inflammable products, check that they are hermetically sealed and that they have not suffered breakages or deterioration.
  • The cleaning of premises in which inflammable substances are handled is to be maximized, clearing up any discharges or spills immediately. Inflammable waste is to be deposited in closed metal containers that are to be removed daily from work premises.
  • When a worker notices any escape or leakage of inflammable products, he is to inform his superior immediately.
  • Work is never to be carried out in premises with inflammable or explosive atmospheres, or where such atmospheres may be produced, without natural or forced ventilation.
  • In no case whatsoever is work to be carried out on vessels that have contained inflammable substances without the corresponding Special Works Permit.

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