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Safety Manual. Revised Edition 2010

Revised Edition 2010

Prior Questions

2.1 Prior Questions

1. Basic Instructions

In the case of not knowing how to handle a tool/equipment perfectly well or the risks that may result from performing a specific job, all workers belonging to the ISASTUR Group should act in the following way:

  • NOT perform the job IN ANY CASE WHATSOEVER.
  • Immediately inform their Immediate Supervisor of this fact.
  • Should their Direct Supervisor not be locatable on-site or cannot or does not know how to instruct them in this respect, the worker himself or said Immediate Supervisor should let the ISASTUR Group Head of Personnel know of this fact so that he can take the pertinent steps.
  • Whatever the case may be, if the worker does not receive the necessary instruction, he must NOT use the tool/equipment or must NOT perform the job in question.
  • Obligatorily use Personal Protective Equipment, whenever necessary.
  • Ask his Immediate Supervisor for any Personal Protective Equipment that does not form part of his Personal Equipment, when said equipment is necessary.
  • Check the proper state of repair of each piece of equipment (personal and non-personal) before using it and ask for any equipment that is not in perfectly safe condition to be replaced.
  • NOT perform jobs that require Personal Protective Equipment IN ANY CASE WHATSOEVER if said equipment is not in a due state of repair.
  • Should the equipment not be available on site, the Supervisor should ask the ISASTUR Group General Services to take the necessary steps to provide them with said equipment.

All workers must inform their Immediate Supervisor of situations of risk that they observe at work and let him know what material or tools/equipment is in a poor state/in poor conditions.

Consuming alcoholic drinks during the working day shall be considered a very serious fault and is strictly forbidden. In the benefits of safety, however, it is advisable not to consume alcohol during breaks or before starting the working day. Practical jokes, pranks, etc., that may suppose a hazard or distract workers on the job are not allowed.

Direct Supervisors (regardless of their level in the company hierarchy) must check, assuming full responsibility, whether safety regulations are being complied with, making certain that work conditions are safe, that appropriate safety equipment and the necessary protections are being employed, that the tools, materials and equipment used for performing the job as well as for first-aid procedures are in the proper conditions.

Immediate Supervisors (regardless of their level in the company hierarchy) must ensure that all the workers in their charge fully understand the task they have been assigned, especially as regards possible hazards and how to avoid them.

All personnel belonging to the ISASTUR Group must be aware that impositions in questions of safety are a necessity that guarantees their physical integrity and that of their workmates and therefore that complying with these is not only an obligation for each worker but must be demanded of any workmate not doing so.

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