ISASTUR offers maintenance services for high and low voltage electrical installation for automated handling and transportation facilities and for mechanical industrial facilities. This department plans and develops three basic modes of industrial handling services: PREDICTIVE, PREVENTIVE & CORRECTIVE. Grupo ISASTUR studies and designs the most appropriate maintenance programme for each case, accompanied by a full technical consultancy service. Among the maintenance services, we include:

  • Power transformers, instrument transformers, protective relays, circuit breakers, busbars, power cables, earthing, disconnectors, surge arresters, measurement equipment, etc.
  • Mandatory maintenance required by RD 3275/1982, of November 12 (Regulation on technical conditions and safety guarantees in power plants, substations and transformers).
  • Remote voltage disconnector maintenance (up to 132 kV).
  • Measurement of touch and step voltages (5th injection equipment and equipment up to 100A).
  • Infrared thermography.
  • Electricity power quality, energy measurements and analysis of failures in high and low voltage networks (harmonic measurements and consumption).
  • Analysis of SF6 using gas spectrometry. Detection and pin-pointing SF6 gas leaks.
  • Maintenance of dielectric fluids (analysis, regeneration, replacement, etc.)
  • Short circuit studies and selection of high and low voltage protections.
  • Checking low voltage protections.
  • Preparation of maintenance plans for power installations.
  • Advice on electrical regulations and adaptation of facilities to electrical regulations.
  • 24x7 Electricity Retainer Service.
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