facility management

facility management

Keeping with the diversification of activities ISASTUR has created a new line of business, the Facility Management which has reached high importance being fully included in the policies and strategies of the main worldwide market leader organisations.

Facility management field involves several areas in order to ensure and manage best operation of properties and their auxiliary services by integrating people, spaces, processes and distinctive technologies.

Technical Services

  • Integral Maintenance:
    • Buildings. Industries.
  • Specialized Maintenance:
    • HAVC and heating. Electricity. Plumbing. Fire protection systems.
  • Energy Services:
    • Energy Management. Energy Audit. Consumption Monitoring.
  • Help desk:
    • Computer Maintenance Management (CMM). Emergency service.

Auxiliary Services

  • Cleaning. Gardening. Waste management. Sanitary. Reception. Concierge services.

Project Management

  • Rnovations. Moving services. Construction management.

Real Estate

  • Spacial planning. Business transaction (rental and investment). Consultancy.
Group companies that perform this activity: