about us

ISASTUR, the group holding company, was founded in 1978 by a team of businessmen and professionals from Asturias. Time and expertise have resulted in our development and expansion in Spain and in several countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. A company that was basically a family enterprise in the late seventies now specialises in building infrastructure, mainly in the energy sector.

The years, the effort, innovation, experience and the trust of our customers who require very high standards from their suppliers have placed ISASTUR companies among the most solvent companies in the sector. This has been achieved thanks to our highly qualified professionals, to the constant upgrading of our working techniques and technical expertise, as well as to the enforcement of rigorous safety and quality standards. In other words, EXCELLENCE is always the priority and a shared objective of how we work.

ISASTUR is organised into different companies based on the activities they perform:

  • Engineering.The group has acquired great experience in the field of electrical engineering. We specialise in high and very high voltage projects: outdoor and indoor transformer substations (GIS) up to 400 kV, civil engineering, analysis and design of metallic structures, study and implementation of control, protection and communication systems. Medium voltage: transformers and distribution centres. Furthermore, ISASTUR undertakes low voltage engineering projects and on-site support tasks.
  • Electromechanical assembly and maintenance. More and more companies from different sectors (electrical, energy, steel, cement, etc) are entrusting us with the electromechanical assembly and maintenance of their facilities or the industrial automation of their systems. These projects are divided into the following: mechanical assemblies.

Electrical assemblies and instrumentation, maintenance projects and automation.

  • Substations and power lines. In addition to our extensive and proven reliability in implementing substations (up to 400 kV) and power lines (up to 200 kV), ISASTUR has also specialised in renewable energy projects, building "turnkey" wind farms and photovoltaic plants.
  • Transport and automated storage systems. In the automotive sector, ISASTUR operates through a number of its companies, allowing it to provide technologically innovative solutions, providing automated handling, conveying and storage solutions on a turn-key basis, including engineering, manufacturing, project and construction management, erection, commissioning and start-up.
  • Turnkey Projects. Including engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning in the following sectors: automotive, energy, cement, steel, mining, petrochemical, environment, etc.

International Presence

Before market conditions and the economy made it advisable, ISASTUR had already focused part of its effort on the internationalization of its activities. We are pioneers when it comes to working abroad and, today ISASTUR has extensive experience in implementing international projects.

Our international focus has allowed us to establish permanent branches in the following countries in Europe, South America and north Africa: Germany, Romania, United Kingdom, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

In addition to the presence in these countries, ISASTUR has worked, among others, in Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Yemen, Qatar and Egypt.