Corporate Responsibility is a tool that allows us to maximize our contribution to society in all our areas of activity, maintaining constant contact with stakeholders and internally coordinating activities that involve the participation of the various Company departments.

Our work as a company with a commitment is aimed at the following:

  • The development of people. People working in Grupo ISASTUR are our guarantee for the future; therefore, their career expectations and safety are our goal. We want to be a company that generates knowledge, that is attractive to new talent and one where people feel proud to be.
  • Raise awareness and improve our relationships with the community. The opinions of the communities in which we work and their acceptance is important to us. Our contribution to a sustainable economy is based on serving and meeting the demands of society.
  • Protect the environment. Grupo ISASTUR not only works to correct the consequences of our actions and protect the environment, we are also leaders in innovative business alternatives: efficient construction, waste management, renewable energy and biofuels, water treatment, etc.
  • Provide management systems that incorporate sustainable and safe practices. Our management systems include variables that enable us to quantify the impact of our actions and to assess our progress.
  • Communicate our achievements and future plans accurately and in a transparent manner. It is essential for society to know how we develop our business and what our commitments are.
"Companies are committed to contributing to sustainable economic development, working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large to improve their quality of life".
World Business Council for Sustainable Development.