vision, mission and values


We want to be a consolidated corporate group and recognized in the sectors in which we work, consisting of companies specializing in the development of various infrastructure whose performance is appreciated by us all, our customers, our suppliers, our competitors and society in general. Will promote a joint operation of all our companies to get the best result possible. We want to be a Group of companies in which people want to work.


We design and build infrastructure and provide the services our customers require to carry out their activity, providing solutions tailored to your needs, seeking compromise between customer expectations, quality and profitability of our work.


All Group companies encourage and promote, at all levels, a way of working supported by the following values:


We appreciate the professionalism of our work, based on the constant search for improvements in processes, so that people know and get involved in all areas and activities that can add value: product quality, safety implementation, organizational image in the work, methods used, environmental care, etc. We emphasize to go beyond the standard methods of work, knowing that the success of the company depend on the energy he gives to our processes.


We appreciate that people understand the needs and objectives of the Organization and treat them on a footing of equality with their own. We appreciate the efforts of people in achieving common objectives. We care that each person has the opportunity to make anything of what you can and want to support as much as possible their professional development. We value the ties created between the organizaciny people who compose it, sustained by the confidence, the alignment of goals and progress towards them, internal relations, the coherence cohesióny organization, satisfaction and personal recognition.


We value teamwork which is necessary for each person in the organization understands the importance and influence of his work and that of their peers in the production process. We assume that cooperation is the first strategic solution of choice in all levels of the company, this cooperation must cross all departments and sections. We must be able to create instances to share concerns and motivations, develop and promote functional you draw a deeper understanding of where our company goes.

Spirit of integration

We appreciate the spirit of integration, which is necessary for each person in the organization considers all group companies as their own, driving the development of opportunities for the Group companies and the contribution the strengthening relations between them, strengthening the Group's resource use, exchange and technology transfer to the circulation of knowledge, etc. It will lead to strategic alliances, contracts or agreements where the profitability of the alliance will prevail over the other participants.

Customer Orientation

We appreciate the guidance of our work to the client for which we will use our time in learning the technical needs of your project and your expectations for yourself. Seek the solution that best suits their requirements and expectations, keeping the compromise between the quality and profitability of our work. We will inform our client of the progress and difficulties encountered in the development of the project entrusted to us, showing treatment Cortesy making knowledgeable of our ability to work at any time channeling their requests and complaints. This placed at the success of the colaboracióny thus the satisfaction of all participants.