Safety Manual. Revised Edition 2010

Revised Edition 2010

Special Hazards and Qualifications

1.4 Special Hazards and Qualifications

1. Introduction

This chapter describes how the ISASTUR Group attempts to control risks derived from tasks considered hazardous to the health and safety of workers. A hazardous task is defined as any task which, for diverse reasons, presents risks that are difficult to control or which are serious risks to the health and safety of the workers who carry out it out and/or of any worker in the proximity.

First and foremost when addressing tasks of this kind is the need to establish a way of classifying a task as hazardous or not. Once we have established which tasks are considered hazardous, we can then concentrate on their control by means of suitable working methods and supervising the application of said methods. Such supervision shall be carried out by a Preventive Resource figure named to this effect whose principal mission is to oversee the fulfilment of safe working methods or procedures.

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