Safety Manual. Revised Edition 2010

Revised Edition 2010

Organization and Management of Occupational Risk Prevention

1.2 Organization and Management of Occupational Risk Prevention

1. Introduction

The most important asset that firms have are the people who work for them. This conviction has led the ISASTUR Group to provide itself with a preventive organisation and to assume responsibility for and guarantee that preventive actions are integrated in the Group’s activities as a whole and at all organisational levels. All of this falls within the legal framework established by the Spanish Occupational Risk Prevention Law (hereinafter L.P.R.L.).

The ISASTUR Group assumes as the foundation for the Organisation and Management of Risk Prevention the stipulations of Article 1 of the Regulations concerning Prevention Services:

“Occupational Risk Prevention, understood as actions to carry out at the workplace, must be integrated in all activities and decisions, in technical processes, in work organisation and in the conditions in which such work is offered, as well as in the structure of responsibility in the firm, including all its levels, which implies the attribution and taking on by these persons (those responsible at each organisation al level) of the obligation to include risk prevention in any activity they carry out or order and in all the decisions they take.

All of this is to be done through the implantation and application of an Occupational Risk Prevention Plan.”

This chapter describes the ISASTUR Group Risk Prevention Plan and establishes the pillars on which to implant, develop and improve said Plan.

The result of the implantation and application of this Prevention Plan (MC 05) is a Prevention Management System integrated in the general Management System (SIG) based on current legislation and adapted to the characteristics of the ISASTUR Group.

Moreover, the Occupational Risk Prevention System that has been adopted fulfils the requirements of the ISO 45001 standard, the aim of which is the continuous improvement of the firm’s risk prevention system and hence the continuous improvement of health and safety conditions in the workplace.

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