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Safety Manual. Revised Edition 2010

Revised Edition 2010

Basic First-Aid Actions


Confirm the loss of consciousness and request medical assistance.

Test the lack of response to stimuli and, if the person does not respond, apply the following protocol:

1º. Place the injured person in the CPR position, on a hard, flat and firm surface.

If cervical or cranial trauma is suspected, move the person as little as possible, keeping his head, neck and trunk aligned.

2º. Open the airway.

If cranial trauma is not suspected, effect the forehead-chin manoeuvre.

Manually unclog the person’s mouth.

3º. Check whether there is spontaneous respiration or not.

If there is spontaneous respiration, place the injured person in the safety position (controlled waiting position).

If there is no respiration (he is not breathing), commence respiratory support.

4º. Respiratory support.

When faced with the lack of spontaneous respiration, carry out respiratory support: mouth-mouth, mouth-nose.

Give between 2 to 4 insufflations in the injured person’s mouth, each with a duration of 1 - 1.5 seconds and of a suitable volume.

In adults: blow moderately. In children: blow gently.

In infants: insufflate only puffs.

When the insufflations have been given, close off the injured person’s nose.

5º. Check for the presence or not of a pulse.

Locate: in adults, the carotid pulse; in children, the brachial pulse.

If no palpable pulse exists, initiate circulatory support.

6º. Circulatory support.

Locate the area to compress:

In adults: lower third of the sternum, above the xiphoid process.

In infants: lower half of the sternum, one finger-width below the line joining the nipples.

Commence compressions displacing the sternum vertically downwards: In adults: between 3.5 - 5 cm; in children: between 2 - 3.5 cm; in infants: between 1 - 2.5 cm. Maintain a compression-relaxation rate of 50%.

In adults: 80 - 100 compressions per minute.

In children: 100 compressions per minute.

In infants: 120 compressions per minute.

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