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Safety Manual. Revised Edition 2010

Revised Edition 2010

Tools and Equipment

8. Hazards resulting from the use of circular saws


  • Projected particles.
  • Electric shocks.
  • Breakage of the disc.
  • Cuts and amputations.
  • Blows caused by objects.
  • Abrasions and becoming trapped.
  • Overstrain.
  • Ambient noise.

Preventive measures:

  • Circular saw machinery is to be equipped with the following protective elements: guard for the disc, cut-dividing blade, mechanism for pushing the part to cut and guide, guard for the pulley drive, watertight electric switch and earth, which must be incorporated in the power lead itself.
  • Before commencing work, check the state of repair of the disc; if it is worn or cracked, replace it immediately. Check that the earth connection is not annulled.
  • Before starting to cut and with the machine disconnected from the power supply, turn the disc by hand. If it is cracked or split or if one or more teeth are missing, then it has to be replaced. Otherwise, it may break during cutting and a worker may be injured.
  • The disc must be protected during the cut (guard down).
  • All nails or metallic parts incrusted in the wood to be cut must be previously removed. The disc may possibly crack or wood may shoot out in an uncontrolled manner thus resulting in a serious accident.
  • Circular saws are not to be situated at less than 3 metres (as a general rule) from the edge of floor structures with the exception of those that are effectively protected (nets or railings, parapets, etc.).
  • Electric power is to be supplied by means of moisture-proof cables equipped with watertight plugs via switchboard.
  • Circular saws are not to be situated in waterlogged sites so as to avoid the risk of falling and electrical Contacts.
  • The saw is to be cleaned of products resulting from the cut using a brush, as are the surrounding of the circular saw bench, piling up this waste material for its subsequent loading or disposal.
  • A container should be available for left-over cuttings.

Collective protection:

  • The machine is not to be placed in transit areas. It is to be situated in a well ventilated spot.
  • The power supply is to be suitably conserved.
  • The machine-tool is to have the CE mark.

Personal protection equipment:

  • Safety helmet.
  • Leather gloves (they have pictograms relating to the mandatory use of gloves) and safety footwear.
  • Filter mask.
  • Anti-particle goggles or anti-projection visor.
  • Ear protection.
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